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Sorcières et fantômes de l'Halloween qui hantent la toile nous ont adressé des petits textes par courrier pour vous prévenir. Voici des messages, jeux, contes, blagues, dessins, poèmes, bricolages et coloriages pour l'Halloween. La nuit de l'Halloween, reviennent les esprits et les fantômes.


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À 4:10 AM , Blogger Beta Bonita a dit...

Dear Reza,
First I apologize for not writing in French...Although I study French my knowledge of the language is still quite basic. I love your blogs (in particular the "Commentaires") as I read them for vocabulary practice. I also noticed that you have an interest in dictionaries and therefore I would like to share with you two great and free online dictionaries I've found:
1. English-Persian Dictionary
2. French English
3. Greek Dictionary

Well, hope I could somehow contribute to your beautiful work!


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